This section is intended for developers of Python XMP Toolkit.

To obtain a source distribution go to GitHub at and clone the repository.

Overview of Source Distribution

  • docs/ – Source code for documentation.
  • libxmp/ – Source files for XMP Toolkit
  • – Distutils configuration file.
  • – Template for MANIFEST file used by Distutils.
  • test – Tests


Documentation is prepared using Sphinx Python Documentation Generator (see To make the documentation run the following command in the root directory:

pip install sphinx
python build_sphinx

Packaging a Distribution

To package a distribution run:

python sdist

This will prepare the documentation and use distutils to package together a distribution that will be placed in dist/.

Running Tests

Tests are run by issuing the command:

python test

For test coverage, run:

pip install coverage

To run tests in Python 2.6, 2.7, or python3, using tox, run:

pip install tox

Distribution Configuration

The file specify how the distribution is packed together. Most important to note is that version in formation is read from libxmp.version file, and that the file specifies which other files to include in the distribution besides the Python source.

References for Developers